About MonPolo


In search of uniqueness? Want to add variety to your wardrobe with clothes that match your style? MonPolo caters to your wishes: create a totally unique polo revealing your personality and dreams! Use the platform to make your customized items in just 4 weeks.


You like simple tones, or maybe those with a provocative touch? Whether globally or on a smaller scale via the details, it’s up to you to decide! MonPolo provides you with a wide range of colors, allowing for an outrageous number of potential custom combinations!


Sophisticated vintage details make each item unique and provide them with genuine added value. Thanks to MonPolo, you’re the new boss when it comes to the details: a subtle logo? Or no logo at all? Want to customize the back of the polo with your favorite word? Or just a simple polo to go with your nature? Everything is possible, right down to the tiniest detail!


The presentation of J&JOY items is meant to be unique. MonPolo follows this principle and highlights an extraordinary product presentation. We won’t say any more…Give it a try and let yourself be surprised!


MonPolo is above all a J&JOY product. As you may already know, all J&JOY products are made with the highest level of quality in order to insure our customers the ultimate in comfort and durability under all conditions. Furthermore, a group several people strong has been established to perform quality testing prior to production. With MonPolo, you’re guaranteed to find the same level of J&JOY quality with each of its custom items.

Made with dignity

J&JOY works with manufacturers who respect current international standards in terms of environmental and work quality. The brand also invests in social service projects and aims to be active on the social level. MonPolo is not an exception to this rule!